We no longer provide cryotherapy as over the counter preparations are proven to be just as effective.  However, should you wish to access a cryotherapy clinic you may be able to do so privately.   One visit is often all that is needed. In some cases however, more than one treatment is necessary.

In most cases no scarring results from the treatment, although there may be some colour change of the skin in the treatment area. This usually clears in a few months although it can take longer for patients of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent and in some cases there may be some permanent colour change in the skin.

Some discomfort during and possibly for a short time after the treatment may occur. Usually this can be controlled by Paracetamol, depending on age. Children are usually given Calpol or similar for a 24 hour period.

Following treatment a blister should develop. This will then burst. The top of the blister then falls away, which soon dries when healing is complete.

It is advisable to keep the area treated dry for 24 hours. Hands may be washed and a brief shower may be taken, but patients should be discouraged from soaking the lesion.

If the blister becomes uncomfortable, it may be burst with a sterilised needle. In this case, the loose skin should be left and the area washed with soapy warm water daily then dried. No antibiotics or other applications are required.

Complete healing takes between two and four weeks, or longer if the area treated was very large.