Training & Researchgp_and_book

Priory is a training practice which involves teaching medical students on a weekly basis. You may, at some point, be asked if a medical student can sit in on your consultation. This is by no means compulsory and you will always be informed if a medical student is sitting in on a clinic.

We also always have a GP Registrar.  A registrar is a qualified doctor who is specialising in general practice and is usually with us for six months before moving on to the next training post.  Our GP trainer is Dr Hildreth.

The practice also uses video recording for teaching purposes and you may be asked if you wish to participate. In either event please advise the receptionist if this is not acceptable to you.

General Practice Research

We participate in general practice research trials and from time to time search patients’ medical records for suitable subjects who may then be offered the opportunity to take part in the trial. If you do not wish your records to be searched for this purpose please let us know; your wishes will be respected.